Liz Lucas Coaching offers you the opportunity to improve your overall performance. Liz works to train your brain and get you ready to overcome failure, improve confidence, master your composure and more. Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge, a professional wanting a perspective shift or a team that needs a mental boost. Working so closely with her teammate stateside and abroad she saw a huge lack in their mental preparation. People can have all the skills in the world but if they are not matched with the confidence, self-talk and values then they never come close to reaching their potential, and potential just isn't enough!

Prior to Lucas' professional softball career in Germany, she had a distinguished career as a four-year starter behind the plate for D1 Lehigh University (PA) out of the well respected Patriot League. Lucas, a two-time captain of the Mountain Hawks, left behind a legacy of excellence that included a team MVP Award, multiple All-Patriot League Selections, being voted a member of the D1 NFCA All-Region Team and an ECAC 1st Team Selection (Easter College Athletic Conference), as well as earning the prestigious Lehigh Senior Female Outstanding Athlete Award and Graduating with the Distinguished Achievement Award.


Liz provides personal/team workshops to tackle these common roadblocks. Liz's athletic and professional backgrounds allow her to activate you to make a change for the better. Contact Liz to discuss how she can best activate your team.




Contribute to the development of athletes both physically
and mentally. My goal is to coach athletes to be their own coach, to understand themselves
 enough to problem solve and have resources available to mentally
stay at peak performance.


Become an achiever by joining the membership program. it includes a 6-week program working through the pillars of mental toughness. This is for individuals wanting to improve themselves. Some topics include: confidence building, failure recovery strategies, and self-talk

Have Liz come speak to your athletic or professional team today. She has traveled through Germany inspiring people to make simple changes that impact their lives. She speaks from the heart and takes you on a journey that is not easily forgotten. It all starts with a choice.

Liz will create a series of workshops specific to your team's needs. The workshops are designed to create a cohesive mentally tough team. Whether your an athletic or professional team.

During your personalized

session, Liz will determine what areas of performance need work, and which areas just need a
bit of finessing.

Liz and another trained leader will take your team backpacking for 1 night. It is a 2 day training that will bring the athlete closer to themselves and their team.

Other clinics can be done by request, topics include


Team Defense




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