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Backpacking Retreat

Join me for a life-changing experience in the wilderness. This 4-day backpacking trip will have a lasting impact on you. Together we will take on the mission of connecting to the land, connecting to each other and connecting to self. The experience combines the challenges of backpacking, deep introspection, and the support of an amazing group of women. Together we will create a community that will seriously change the way you look at yourself and your life. You will walk away with a better understanding of yourself and understanding of the natural world.


Who: anyone who is so busy with modern life that they feel a little disconnected from their spirit and has the bravery to step into that internal wilderness with a caring group of women as support. Anyone who wants to connect deeper to themselves by connecting to the mountains and one another.


“This trip is for anyone with a deeper inquisition within them, a desire to allow what’s truly important in life to rise to the surface and society’s busyness to fall into the background. Deep truths will become apparent to you if you go on this trip.”


“I would highly recommend this backpacking trip for individuals who are open-minded, adventurous, and eager to embrace personal growth. Liz's well-curated experience is designed for those who appreciate both the challenges of the wilderness and the introspective activities that encourage self-discovery. If you enjoy exploring both nature and the depths of your own thoughts, this trip is tailor-made for you.”


Experience: NO experience needed, just a baseline level of good fitness and the willingness to challenge yourself

Our Journey

Nitty Gritty

Retreat Dates: August 20-24


Location: Flat Tops Wilderness in Colorado Total Miles: ~20 Total; Elevation Gain ~2,000 ft at an elevation of 8,000-12,00 ft


Travel logistics:

Day 1 (13th or 20th) I will pick you up in Denver on day 1 of the trip sometime in the morning, and we will head toward the Flat Tops. Night 1 will be spent together at an airbnb or hotel


Day 2-4 We will be on trail in the Flat Tops having an epic adventure


Day 5: (17 or 24) Exit the trail get the gear sorted have lunch at the Lodge near the Flat Tops and head back to Denver (depending on the group I may book us a place for us to stay, we will consider this once I know who is joining) 



The first night of the trip will be in an airbnb, the rest will be on trail in a tent.


Cost: door to door $950 per person (max of 6 guests per trip)

What's Included:

  • Transportation from Denver to and from Trailhead

  • All food during trip Accommodation for 4 nights (1 in an airbnb and 3 on trail)

  • Passionate knowledgeable guide Life changing experience Possible gear if you don’t have it yourself (Talk with Liz specifically about this)


Required Gear (gear you do NOT have Liz can provide at no additional cost):

60L Backpack

1 sleeping bag ~20 degree

Mattress pad (inflatable is best, I have some to lend)

Tent (I have lots of options for this)

Trekking poles



1 set of hiking clothes

1 pair hiking boots

2 pairs of wool socks (smartwool or darn tough are the best)

1 set of night clothes

1 set of camp shoes (love me some crocs)

Warm hat for colder evenings

Toiletry kit (toothbrush, paste, medication)

Water bottle or water bladder Warm drink cup

Sun protection: Sunnies, hat, sunscreen Note: In your packs you will be expected to help carry group gear and food that I distribute to the group)


Things Liz will have on trail that you don't need to think about:

Emergency satellite device

First Aid Kit

Stoves, cooking implements and fuel

Water filtration



What guests are saying about Liz


“Liz was amazing. She was very thoughtful to each individual and the group as a whole. Shemanaged all of the food including dietary restrictions and preparing us all breakfast lunch anddinner. The meals were excellent. Her energy relaxed us enough to be open with ourselves aswell as with each other. She is very understanding and sincerely interested in helping people bet heir true self.”


“Liz holds space so well for whatever might come up. She is gently inquisitive to help you getdeeper into your truth.

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