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It was a pleasure to me to meet Liz for one season. I‘ve been a person who always has self doubts and thinks everyone else has much more skills and is much better than me. But then Liz came into my life and made me start believing in myself. We repeated every new drill until I felt confident and safe. That is why I ended up in just catching the ball instead of always thinking about what could happen if it falls. Exactly then, I started no longer missing balls just because of my fear to drop it, I just caught it. When I said, "I’m bad, I won’t make it," Liz made me realize, if you think you can do it, YOU CAN.“


Neunkirchen, Germany

Liz is the Best Coach and softball player EVER!!!


Denver, CO

Liz has great mental strength and is an excellent mentor for keeping the head in the game. Also she is a great hitter and she performs her coaching abilities while being a full team member at the same time. Liz combines mental and physical strength and always keeps one's best performance in mind.


Neunkirchen, Germany

Liz had a great attitude on the field and has always been a role model for me. Being my catcher, she always knew how to get the best out of me. All that also counts for her coaching. She adapts to people’s needs within minutes and always finds a way to help them grow as a player.


Neunkirchen, Germany

The big thing that stuck with me [after attending the Toughness Academy] is how to overcome failure and that you choose what failure will do.


Westminster, CO

The big thing that stuck with me is how to overcome failure and that you choose what failure will do.

Keira (14)

Erie, CO

We ended 1st in state 2nd in Nation USSSA Power Rankings!!! All because we had a mental mindset of excellence!

Josh Medena (coach)

Thornton, CO

Liz's Mental Toughness presentation seemed to be one that resonated with me better than other similar events I have been to. If it was the connection to her own life, struggles, and achievements that she has been able to accomplish through implementing these CHOICES on a daily basis or if it was simply the way she chose to word it, I think of these CHOICES every day. I would 100% recommend to anybody regardless if they are looking to develop their mental toughness or looking for a way to kickstart their day to day life. 



I attended Liz’s Pillars of Mental Toughness event. I am not an athlete, and I thoroughly enjoyed her session. I felt that it was a good event for anyone of all walks of life to attend. I felt happy and more confident afterwards. It was definitely a pick me up! Liz is a talented public speaker and is great at connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged. I still use skills I learned during the session regularly. I look forward to seeing Liz speak in the future!


Denver, CO

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