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What do you value?

It’s a spring Sunday afternoon, you don’t have any games this weekend but you have scheduled a one on one training with your skills coach. You are enjoying a great day hanging out with your friends. One friend says “let’s all go to my house for a BBQ and smore's around my fire pit”. How amazing does that sound, everyone is immediately onboard. This brings you to the point where you have your friends wanting you to stick around, and then you have your parents and obligation wanting you to go to practice. What do you do?

No matter you decision you will be disappointing someone (or yourself). The only way to make peace with all of this is to make the decision that feels right for you. How the heck can you manage this?

It comes down to you knowing your values. What are your core beliefs? What standards do you want to live by? These are questions that only YOU can answer.

Values are often imposed on us by our parents, culture and customs. However, if we want to take control of our lives the only thing we can do is take ownership of what we believe in and what character traits we want to embody. Once we know what we believe in and what it looks like to live in our values, then, we can make the tough decisions. We can make confident decisions when we have the backing of our values.

Cool, now how do you figure out your values? You can use this list from my website to start your search. It is best to have a max of 3 values. Yep, you have to trim it down to the basics. We can’t be everything all at the same time so having between 1 and 3 allows you to really own those ones.

To recap:

1. Figure out what you value

2. Recognize how you can live to this regularly

3. Utilize your values when making the tough decision

4. Sign up with Liz Lucas Coaching to learn more

For a deeper dive into values check out the Toughness Academy where we dive into the nitty gritty.

Let me know what your core values are on instagram @lizlucascoaching

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