• Liz Lucas

The mind calms you down

The tying run is on second base, there is one out, you walk to the plate, bat in hand. You can hear your -teammates cheering, you look over at your third base coach, he gives you the hit-away sign. Now, all you have to do is get your feet in the box and do what you have been trained to do. This is the moment of truth. You step one foot at a time in the box, you eye the pitcher, you put the bat on your shoulder to get the perfect grip, you lift your hands. The pitch comes in. . . . . . .what happens?

What happens next is the accumulation of your preparation, not just physical but also mental. When you add in the pressures from the outside world everything changes. Energy is running through out bodies so differently. It is only the mind that is able to calm us down to a level where we can perform at our best. What routines do you have in place to bring yourself to a state where you are able to perform, you are able to focus in?

Creating a pre-play routine is a way for you to bring yourself to that level of focus where it is ultimately just you and the pitch coming out. All those cheers, those critical thoughts, those self-doubts all just fade away and you are left with a quiet mind and a ready body.

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In lacrosse, basketball or other sports that don't have a start stop can use the transition periods to reset your mind and get that laser focus turned up.

I find myself creating these routines outside of sports as well. Before I go into a hard conversation, before I get into work or before I start a task that I know could be frustrating.

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