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This week I have decided to write something up for you all to change it up!

Leadership is the ability to take ownership of not only yourself but your team, and make decisions on behalf of the team. It is the ability to step up when no one else will. It is powerful. I could teach an entire course on this. However, I am going to briefly talk about different kinds of leadership. In different moments I choose different leadership styles, the ability to shift and move through all types of leadership described here is truly a superpower.

Leader of yourself: When you are working to lead yourself you are working to be the best you can be. You have blinders on to things around you. You follow directions and are in a place to figure yourself out. Your strengths, your weaknesses, how you best work with others, what it takes to perform your best. When you are focused on yourself you are able to really dive in and learn! For example, when you first join a team you are focused on doing the drills the best you can, learning the team, finding your role and increasing your skills. You are working to meet the minimum requirements.

Leader by example: This is when you lift those blinders a bit and are able to meet the minimum requirements. You are now showing others how to do drills, you are pushing your teammates simply by working hard. You challenge yourself to do better every practice and day. your teammates start to look up to you, because you are showing what it means to be a competitor.

Vocal Leader: This is someone who has been a leader by example for a while and it's now time to be the one to use your voice more. This is someone who is already respected and one who is able to say things to the team that other's cannot. She is able to bring the team together, motivate them and step up to be the voice of the team. She uses her voice to encourage, motivate and take lead of the team.

I want you to take a look at yourself and see where you fit in right now. Then answer these questions.

  1. Which type of leadership do you fall into on your team?

  2. What things are you doing in leadership that is serving you?

  3. Where do you want your leadership to be by the end of the season?

  4. Give 3 action steps you are committing to doing to get you there!

Have a good week. Please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.


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