• Liz Lucas

What brings you energy

Are there ever times when you notice you are just down, not motivated, not energized and also not sure why? First off, it is totally fine to have these days, it means you are still human. When I have several days of this, I actually forget what brings me energy. So, I have compiled a list of things that bring me energy. Through the Covid-19 pandemic I have felt myself get lost a couple of times simply because I gain energy from others. I would love to know what you have compiled, maybe I can add to my list.

Smiling and laughing 😊

Getting ridiculously excited about something random

Appreciating someone or some thing

Talking to a stranger

Spreading positive energy to others

Going for a hike preferable with someone

Playing a game

Catching up with an old friend on the phone

Watching a super happy movie

Sitting in the sun

Talking out loud in funny voices while walking around

Reading a book with a powerful female character

Creating a new project for myself

Here is a good starting list. I am sure I am forgetting many things and that is okay. It can always be added to. The trick for me is to call on this list when I know I need to. This self-care and is always a work in progress. So, next time I feel I am beginning to get in my head too much, overthink things and just plain notice myself dipping I am going to look at this list and do something about it.

what about you?

Special note, this for me is VERY different from when I am overstimulated and need to recoup. Those moments happen as well and I have a different list that I go to (usually it means getting in nature and reading a book)

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