• Liz Lucas

My Tree Spot

During the first week of the shut down I was walking around with no goal in mind just wandering. There is so much creativity in wandering. I find myself looking at everything around me so differently, I inspect the water droplet on the leaf, I watch the bubble bees bumbling from one flower to the next, I see and hear the birds playing. I actually witness what is happening as opposed to my own self-serving reason for being outside.

On this particular day it was my mission to have absolutely no mission and see what I could find.

I skipped around, I walked pigeon toed, I walked like a duck and encouraged myself to not even walk straight (probably looked like a drunk at 10am). I was playing in my own world and allowed myself to meander wherever I felt like it. I crisscrossed through grassy areas, went up and down hills and came to a dirt road that was lined with pine trees. I was meandering along and was drawn to a particular tree and I knew it was time to stop. I went up to the tree and there it was, the perfect place to lean against it and look out to the Remarkable’s mountain range. I took a seat and decided to take a nap right there, I sank into the tree, I allowed the sun to warm my skin, I felt safe and grounded. This spot has been waiting for me, it felt like home the second I sat down.

It is in a perfect location, I am somewhat isolated from others, the view is absolutely amazing, the sun is perfectly aligned so I can have as much or as little sun as I want. I can hear the birds playing and chatting in the trees, it is the grounded peace I was needing. Nature is my peaceful place, where my purest self feels at home.

Nearly every day the first couple of weeks that is where I would go. I would read, nap, journal, soak up the sun, chat on the phone and observe. I needed rest, time to reset, time to just be. It has now become my spot. I visit it quite often whether it is for 20 minutes or four hours. From here I have observed the weather changing from late summer to early autumn to full on autumn. I can feel the crispness in the air increasing, matched with the warmth of the sun. I can recharge and reflect in a deep and meaningful way here.

So, as the future and the world is unknown, nature is still there, still functioning and in most places thriving. I want to thank this beautiful tree for being my grounding source through the chaos, my place of calm. In honor of Earth Day, I hope everyone can appreciate the natural world and even allow your curiosity to guide you.

I wish you all find a spot where you can go to recharge and just be. Where do you go to be grounded?

Here is my tree. It has a beautiful identifier of one orange branch. If you look closely you can see exactly where I sit.

Here is the view from this spot :) The Remarkables

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