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Some random thoughts during isolation

Time to reconsider

As we all are hunkering down waiting for an unknown future it made me ponder things a bit. Before I get into it let me explain my current situation. I was leading a group of students through Australia and New Zealand until it got called off last week due to covid 19. We were a few weeks into our New Zealand portion when we sent all of our students back home and were left to figure out what we were going to do as instructors. “Go home” this is the phrase that has been passed around like wildfire and there are some of us that consider many different places home or people that don’t have a home. My current home is a 13-foot red van in New Zealand; however, it seems that most people don’t consider that “home” when I said I was going to stay in New Zealand I got some goofy faces. Liz, you are from the US why aren’t you going back “home”. . . the simple answer is that is not home for me right now. Yes, my family is there and I could probably fly back to them, sleep on a couch waiting it out like everyone else, or I could stay in my home and make it work. These are two very viable options, however, which option is the better one? Money is going to be VERY tight either way, food is accessible, each country is handling the pandemic VERY differently, and frankly the world is in this together. To me it was a no-brainer to stay in New Zealand, and as I analyze why it was a no-brainer for me.

The following thoughts and consideration occurred to me.

Being at this standstill worldwide are you happy with where you are physically right now? Are you satisfied where you are at in life right now? Are you living the life you “always wanted”? Are you satisfied with the people you have surrounded yourself with?

What if this whole thing is a way to give you the push you need to re-evaluate your life and remember what is most important to you. Or maybe it is a reminder of why you do the things you do because you are exactly where you want to be. Just something to consider.

This is the case for me, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I want to be here, yes, the financial impact on this situation is putting me in a rough spot (like most people) However, I can smile and really appreciate where I am right now.

This whole thing just makes me think about all of this and wondering how many people out there can say that they are overall satisfied where they are right now? Sure, there are things to strive for and work for but right now, in this moment where time seems to almost stand still are you where you want to be in life?

Photo: I am in a room in one of those houses you see ;)

My answers to the questions I posed

I am in a location where I can go and enjoy nature (no not my van, that is not allowed by NZ government so I am in a short term stay bedroom), this is something that is hugely important, I am not a city girl and being cooped up in one would give me a sense of jail. I am so proud of the human I am becoming and the human I currently am, just finishing being an instructor on a full-on program was incredible, this is the kind of work I am meant to do. I am living the life that I always wanted, this is the driving force for me to make the decisions that I have made. Lastly, the circle of people I have around me is incredible and has almost no geographic importance. Luckily, I am in this lockdown with someone I consider to be solid friend and then I am still in contact with my other people around the globe.

Sure, I have goals and hopes for the future and so on and I believe that being exactly where I am right now is the exact right thing. Maybe this time will be exactly what I need to figure out my next move, maybe my body needs this, maybe just maybe this is all going to lead to something great.

Anyway, wishing you all health during these times both physically and mentally. Maybe this gives you something to ponder. Would love to hear your thoughts.



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