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World of a Working Woman

I am a little behind here. Will post another blog very soon :)

I am sitting here on my bed in my van on the side of a road typing this out looking around at my strung up lights appreciating life. I cannot describe how good it feels knowing everything I have is all in this space. Literally, everything I need is here. I have wheels to get around, I have a place to sleep, kitchen, food, and clothes. This all fits in an 11-foot-long by 4-foot-wide and about 6-foot-tall space. How amazing, we make our lives so complicated by always wanting more space, then, when we have the space, we fill the space. As I look around, I can’t think of one thing I need that would add value to my life right now. Nope, I am in my space, not some rented place, not some house that I am paying off, not someone’s couch, my life is completely owned by me and I have the world at my fingertips, and it feels great.

It has now been 2 weeks since ending the AGP program and life is completely and drastically different. Instead of my days being filled with group activity, my days are spent working in a mostly solitary role (mostly driving vehicles around). Instead of group banter filling the quiet moments it is my thoughts that fill the void. My mind that was once filled with the to-do’s, the course material, the group dynamics is now filled with creativity and serenity and a bit of boredom. Each environment is an extreme one, each is beautiful and ugly in its own right. Each presents different challenges and each has a purpose.

The serenity has allowed my less dominate characteristics to shine, it has quieted the logistics master and has awoken the creative genius.

I am working at 2 different jobs at the moment, the temporary job agency has me driving rental cars to and from the airport during the day delivering food for an Organic Thai food place in the evenings. These have been the perfect jobs for me to just chill out. Both are simple and require little brain energy and both allow me to sit in complete silence and just see where my thoughts go (while paying diligent attention to the road). It has been the perfect way to come down from the high that was the Adventure Guide Program. In such a high intensity environment I am so happy that I have been provided this lovely opportunity to declutter my mind. Express my creativity and just be alone with ME, enjoy my own company (which is hard to do).

So far what I have learned is that each day, no matter how many people I interact with presenting them with a smile and a general love of life seems to create a smile of their own. These are the moments of connection that I am thriving on. I don’t know these people and will likely not ever see them again but an exchange of a smile changes the energy of the air. I have also learned that the people that are hating work are huge energy drainers, they suck up all the energy in the whole room. I have been on both sides of this of course and I can sure tell you that the exchange of good energy is much more preferable.

With all that being said I am looking forward to my friends coming back! It has been over a week since I have received a good solid hug. Since this post is late, I can assure you that the reuniting with my friends was pretty epic! Lots to share, so stay tuned. There might be a near-death story to share. . .or at least a scared to death scenario. . .

making some food while hanging out by the river

Trying to embrace the cool Trady look (trady: Person working in a trade job)

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