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Power in asking for what you need

Grandpa Carl and Me seeing the fall colors 2018

I am sitting at the table for our morning meeting with my Pure Exploration group of 12, as we all look around it is very clear that I have been crying. We carry on with the meeting and at the end I choose to let everyone know that my grandfather was very close to passing away (within hours) and that what everyone can do to help me is to simply give me hugs throughout the day. This made me feel so supported and empowered. Throughout the day as the final hours of my grandfather’s life goes, I am halfway across the earth with receiving hugs from my NZ family. It was such a great feeling of support, I was able to get the final news, go outside cry for a while, come back in and just find my fam and receive a hug, no words necessary. (thanks, Brené Brown and Mandy Bishop)

The power of asking for what you need!

This idea is so simple, yet so complex. Why is it so hard for us to say how someone can help and support us? Maybe we want someone to surprise us and magically do exactly what we need? Maybe we feel that we don’t deserve to ask for what we need? Maybe we don’t really want to turn inward to figure things out? Just maybe we are afraid of what would happen if people gave us what we asked for?

I challenge you. Next time you are needing something, just ask for it! I am becoming a rock climber slowly but surely. I was getting stuck being so tired that I was unable to make it up some climbs I know I was capable of. I decided to ask my instructor to come and help. I told her “I want feedback on every move so that I know what I am doing right and wrong on each move, this is how I learn best”. It was a great 15-minute session, she was giving me the words of affirmation and the constructive criticism I wanted and needed. I became a better climber and communicator when I decided to ask for what I wanted!

I challenge you to ask for what you need. Taking ownership of your development is such an empowering feeling. The next time you are in a situation where you need something ASK FOR IT! Ask for feedback from a coach, ask for a hug, ask for positive encouragement, ask for support.

Sunset at Coronet Peak Queenstown, NZ


Let me know if you have tried this and how it worked out

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