• Liz Lucas

People want you to succeed

People want you to succeed!! Yes, that’s the truth, let me say it one more time. People want you to succeed. Recently a coach of mine said this and she repeated it several times and it could not be more true. The tough part is building our village and being willing to ask and receive the help we need to get where we are going. Behind every successful person there is a crew of people helping that person get to where he/she are going. That is plain and simple.

If you have ever watched a biography of a successful athlete it is filled with the several people supporting and pushing the athlete. We never see the “behind the scenes people” when we watch them perform. My challenge to you is to list the people you currently have as your support system. Does it go beyond your family and coach? I truly hope so. If it does not, you need to begin to build that network of people that are willing to fight with you in the trenches. These are people you turn to in moments of crisis. For instance, when my body is feeling out of whack, I have a person to go to. When I am feeling mentally a little crazy I have about 3 people on speed dial who will help me get straightened out. I can’t explain how beautiful that is.

I envision it like this; I feel like I am in a boxing ring with life. Life brings everything it has at us, which makes us who we are. It’s a wonderful push and pull, flow and rhythm, you trade punches, and so on. When life knocks you down you look over to your corner and you get energy from those people. Between rounds you are sitting in your corner surrounded by the people you choose to be there. Who do you have in your corner to help you work through the ebbs and flows of life?

The last few months have been very interesting for me. . .you can ask anyone who knows me. There has been one thing in particular that I keep coming back to time and time again; people want to help me succeed. When I ask for help people are usually willing to help directly or send me in the direction for the appropriate help. It’s great. As I look at who I have in my corner I feel like my corner is filled with pretty amazing badass people.

From what I have seen people are sometimes too egotistical and believe this silly thing “I can do it on my own”. What a bunch of nonsense. I have heard this from several people, whether they are talking about making a lifestyle change, getting themselves to the next level in athletics, business or whatever the case may be, and it drives me crazy. Who can really accomplish something entirely on their own? Really, who? If you ask any successful person if they did it on their own, I would bet that they would respond with a loud resounding NO. Successful people always have a number of good people surrounding them; period. They have so many people in their corners. Such people may be counselors, life coaches, accountants, fitness coaches, advisors, secretaries, mentors, and the list goes on. The bottom line is that we all need help, and we all need a village to become who we want to become, it’s just human nature.

You must overcome that fear and have the courage to ask for what you need and want. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no, well then there is no skin off your back.

Go out and build your corner of supporters. Sometimes those supporters are already staring you in the face.

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