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Courage to follow YOUR path

Hello again,

This week I want to talk about trust in your path. This is the principle in how I run my life. I always say I am a leaf blowing in the wind and going wherever the wind blows me and river takes me. I have learned and relearned this to be true. Each time I have planned for something to happen it always seems like the universe has a slightly different plan for me, once I decide to head off my new course amazing things have happened! I trusted that whatever direction I was blown into that things would work out. That if it felt good to me, then it was the right thing to do. I trust myself enough to deeply believe that no matter the hardships that lie ahead I am capable of pulling myself through them. This deep belief is what allows me to have the courage to trust my path.

Recently, I read the Book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert where she talks about creativity, she brings life to this idea, she treats it like a living thing. She beautifully sums it up with this quote and the quote at the end:

“Follow your fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart” (pg. 101)

For me this statement hit home, that is exactly what I have been doing in my life since high school. As a sophomore and junior in high school I knew I wanted to go to a university that had a good softball program. I sent letters, dvd’s, and emails to get the attention of coaches. I worked very hard to bring attention to myself. I was a pretty confident player, it didn’t really bother me when colleges were looking at me, I still just played the best I could. It so happened that a couple of big schools were looking at me and I simply had an off game (I didn’t know coaches were there until post-game). Later in that same tournament I played lights out in a few games. One particular game I will never forget I hit a homer at the left foul pole and then my 3rd at-bat I hit a homer at the right foul pole. That happened to be the game that Coach Troyan of Lehigh University was watching me. He sent the pitching coach Steph Covelle to watch me the next day and she also liked how I played. At that point, my fate was sealed the universe knew that Lehigh University was the best school for me! (I know that if I would have gotten an offer at a larger school that I would have taken it and my life would not be the quality that it is now). Although Lehigh was not on my radar I put the work in, to get myself into a University, even if it wasn’t the University I thought it would be.

For me, this story repeated itself when the opportunity presented itself for me to play softball in Germany or pursue the 30 job applications I had submitted. It also rang true this year, upon returning from my 6 months working on a trail crew in California I had something planned out and then there was a slight push for me to start Liz Lucas Coaching, and here I am beginning my own business. It’s crazy how life takes so many twists and turns, it keeps it exciting. My question to you; Do you have the courage to follow your path?

Keep in mind, I did NOT sit around waiting for something to happen, I worked my butt off toward something and it just happened that something else came my way.

Message of the week: Have the courage to follow the unexpected opportunity.

“ All I know for certain is that this is how I want to spend my life collaborating to the best of my ability with forces of inspiration that I can neither see, nor prove, nor command, nor understand” (pg.78)

Be courageous,


P.S. Choose to Be Happy

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