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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by the site, I hope you stay. Think of this as if I were talking to you in person, as if you reading this and my voice jumps off the page. With this blog I am sharing bits of myself through stories. I believe everyone has a uniquely beautiful story (can’t wait to hear yours), and maybe just maybe sharing my story will enable me to first understand myself better and second maybe add some sort of value to your life (yes this is being blindly optimistic, ha) but hey, “shoot for the moon, and land among the stars”. Yes, I am a sucker for a good quote so if that’s not your thing then this isn’t the place for ya. Enough of this, let’s get started.

Let’s see where to begin. . . .well, currently I am a 26 year old woman working several “bust your ass” jobs, renting from my beloved Grammy (more on that later) while trying to create the vision I have for a better world through working with young female athletes. So yep, I can confidently say I am still figuring things out. However, I must say I feel pretty dang proud of the person I am today but sure has heck want to be a better person tomorrow. I fail often and use it as a step toward being better.

Quick and dirty overview of the last 8 years

I got the privilege to attend Lehigh University in Pennsylvania from 2009-2013 where I achieved a degree in Earth and Environmental Science, a starting position and leadership experience on the softball team, a life altering education through the Lehigh Leadership program, mentoring experience as a 3 year Resident Assistant, as well as, project and people management skills as the co-chair of 3 distinctive volunteer programs. Why the heck am I boasting? Because, those things are imperative to the story of Liz Lucas and those are the things that have led me to this moment in my life. Each one of those things has stories of failure and success, and that’s why it’s important to know those things up front.

Since graduating from Lehigh University in 2013 I went to play softball in Germany where I fell in love with the team, the community and the country. That made it irresistible to return for a second, then a third and finally a fourth season. Germany became and will always remain my second family. After receiving my master’s degree in Germany the spring of 2017 I came back stateside, and took on a whole new type of adventure the California Conservation Corps Backcountry. I lived and worked in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for 6 months sleeping in a tent while building and repairing hiking trails. It was the hardest thing (next to writing my master’s thesis) I have ever done in my life physically, mentally and socially, however, I came out of that with a much stronger sense of self and purpose. That leads us to today.

As I tried to leave the softball world in the last year the softball world will not leave me. There is still a huge spot in me that is softball, and I just can’t shake it. The opportunity presented itself and here I am putting my best bat on the ball. Through my various coaching experiences it became very clear to me what I loved about coaching. It wasn’t the games, and it wasn’t team practices, what I enjoyed most was being able to work with individual athletes and teach them the beautiful game of softball and watch them grow. I enjoyed talking with them about what goes on in their heads, and then using those things to create an optimum mindset for the athlete. So, I have decided to mix these two things to create Liz Lucas Coaching. Hitting and catching skills for softball players and mental toughness for female athletes.

I want to work with female athletes 13-17 teaching principles and ideas that can serve them in both their athletic lives and personal lives. Covering topics such as emotional regulation, self-worth, self-confidence, leadership skills, and much more. I want to share the skills, strategies and techniques I have picked up along the way. I have coined this the “Toughness academy”. My goal is to best serve the athletes that come to me.

Together, we can achieve our dreams,


P.S. Choose to be Happy

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